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Toxic Possworm

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Toxic Possworm
Toxic Possworm.jpg
Scientific Name Gourphon Toxcid
Family Ghastwormka
Areas Trash Kingdom
Carry Weight  ??
Max. Carriers  ?? Pikmin
Seed Worth  ?? seed
Value  ?? Pokos
Attacks Eats Pikmin, Poisons Pikmin

Story Mode details

Toxic Possworm is the 3rd major boss in the game Pikmin 4 the world to free. Your tactics here are based off a hit and run. As the Toxic Possworm chases you across the area, you must chuck bomb rocks in front of him, and the Possworm will then eat it, stunning itself in the process thanks to the explosion. You then attack and repeat. However, there is a plug in the far south of the arena. If you unplug this, water will fly out soaking it. This won't stun the boss, but it will take a huge piece off of its health.

Tikes Notes

This creature has quite the stomach. They almost seem like it can eat anything and never get full. However this is because it's nasty sliva can dissolve anything in 3 seconds. Once fully dissolved it sends the energy to it's skin to keep it moist and healthy. However oddly enough Pikmin are the least reliable sources for its needs, could it have been summoned?

Alices Notes Such a mysterious being can only compare itself to ghost. It actually fits the description for the most part. Slimy, has s odd transparent body... oh my i'm starting to give myself the creeps.