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Topic:Spam, vandals and what-not

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Ok, so I am not sure If anyone else sees this, but I have noticed much spam on template talk pages such as Template: Create A Page. If you go to the recent changes you might notice that you see many deletes to that article. I am addressing this topic to PikminFanon in nominating a change to the Rulebook concerning Spam. There has been repeated spam with mostly the same content and I believe it is linked. If we can find these anonymous users repeating spam, I might order an edit lock to anons. We need a vote for this, so I will put a vote section on giving me the ability to make these changes to the Constitution.
Wraith~Admin, Bureaucrat


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  1. We should probably just block the spammers. My user pageMy talk page

This has changed, as Porplemontage gave an edit lock to all Anons, meaning they must make an account to edit. Wraith~Admin, Bureaucrat