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Titan Pikmin

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Titan Pikmin
Giant Pikmin.png
Resistance Fire, water, and electricity
Attack 50
Digging Speed Average
Mobility 3
Throw N/A
Carrying capacity 50
Candypop N/A

Titan Pikmin are a gigantic species of Pikmin found within Pikmin Z. Considering you only find these Pikmin in Dungeons, and even then usually just one, it can be suggested that this is a very rare Pikmin species. Unlike any other Pikmin in the game, you can't collect this Pikmin, but still can be interacted with where you find it.


Compared to the other Pikmin, it is the largest known species of Pikmin discovered to date, standing as tall as a Baldy Long Legs according to Alph's Pikmin Entries. This large size protects it from the Pikmin's usual predators Its skin is made up to resemble the bark on a tree, with a set of large leaves on the sides of its head, and a group fo leaves on top of its head to mirror a flower. Interestingly, the arm, leg, and torso have distinctive marks which resemble those of a Mamuta. It also has a distinctly long, pointed nose, similar to that of a Red Pikmin.

  • Alph's Titan Pikmin Entry: "I've seen plenty of Pikmin before, but my goodness I've never, EVER seen a Pikmin this size! Sure a Baldy Long Legs would make more sense, but it can look down on one of those things - no joke. Thank goodness I'm friends with the Pikmin, otherwise this towering beast could squash me flat. I should at least thank it for getting the base of the ship for me, I don't think I could get that back together at least until next month."


Titan Pikmin, while much larger and stronger, are a bit slower than usual Pikmin due to its size. work a bit differently from other Pikmin, as they don't follow you with the sound of your whistle (until after you collected the Titan Bell, that is). Instead, you'll have to throw your Pikmin to its general location and have them call it over and lure it to a situation where it could help you. Upon gaining the Titan Bell though, it can be called over much easier. It's large size gives the Titan Pikmin far more strength and able to move objects that would be otherwise impossible. It is immune to a number of hazards, such as Fire, Water, or Electricity, however it still gets damaged if going through a polluted area. This is why none can be found in the Colony Ruins, being the only Dungeons lacking any involvement of Titan Pikmin.

  • While mostly absent throughout the game, one can be found aboveground near the end of the tutorial of Pikmin Z, when a Titan Pikmin carries the main base of the S.S. Dolphin II back to Alph soon after the crash.
    • Another time they can be found outside of Dungeons is with a Boss fight with the Titan Mamuta, the only boss fight requiring a Titan Pikmin to use against it.