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The forest of beginnings

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The forest of beginnings is a mushroom forest like area with fire in the caves in Pikmin 4: The World to Free. Spider webs cover some parts of the world and roses cover the background. Be careful, white gates cover some parts as well.


For Map legend visit here.

The forest of beginnings.jpg

Common Creatures[edit]

1. Red Bulborbs

2. Dawrf Bulborbs

3. Dawrf orange bulborbs

5. Puffy blowhogs

0. Sheargrub males (no numbered dot)

0. Sheargrub females (no numbered dot)

4. Common Cutter beetle [2]

Rare beasts[edit]

1. Octifang (MB)

2. Queen Octifang (B) (Does not reappear) Guardian of red holy orb


Red pikmin 'Red dot on map'


1. Cupid's grenade

2. The unbreakable mystery (Walnut)

3. The Recycling energy ( Rechargable battery )

4. Wisdom Tin ( Bucket)

5. Sour bomb