The Scintillating Spring

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The Scintillating Spring is a area in Pikmin: Cliché. The spring is made out of several hollowed wood trunks, and lots of wood walls, plus large amounts of sand.

Brown marks caves, Red marks fauna, and Purple marks treasure.

Area Overview[edit]

  • You land in a hollowed stump.
  • Most of the place is covered in hollowed stumps. Some of these stumps are flooded.
  • Spotty Bulbears are partoling some areas of the wood maze.
  • There is a small grassy area to the southeast. This area has three treasures and a ton of Volatile Dweevils that fall from the sky.
  • You cannot enter the flooded areas untill you destroy the 3 generators on the map.





  • This area has the most treasures of any above-ground area, with a total of 14.
  • This area mocks ridiclous large areas in fangames.
  • This area also mocks doing something only once in the entire game just to access a section of a area.