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The Plains of Faith

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The Plains of faith is the first area in Pikmin: The Final Frontier. It is a fairly peaceful valley with some enemies here. There are several maze-like passageways in this area. When you land here, Mechelle says she has total faith in the four captains, an decides to call the valley The Plains of Faith. Red Pikmin and Granite Pikmin are found here.

Subarea 1[edit]

The Landing Site. This is where you find Red Pikmin, fighting a Dwarf Yellow Bulborb. You can't lose pikmin to the fight, fortunately. Now, you must break down a black bramble gate blocking three of your captains way. In order for you to break it down further, Louie somehow lands on the other side of the gate, where, after you travel for a little bit of time, will lead you to a Red Onion.



Subarea 2[edit]

Only acessable on day 2 or more. You find Granite Pikmin here. In order for you to go further, you must use these pikmin to break a Yellow Mortar Wall. There are more enemies here.



Subarea 3[edit]

A small, thin subarea with a couple of new enemies.



Subarea 4[edit]

This is where you fight the boss of this area. Granite Pikmin are very useful, for there is a Red Mortar Gate in the way, and they are affective in the boss fight.






Total Pokos[edit]

Total Pokos: 780