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The Impact Site

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This article relates to the canonical games. See Pikipedia's "The Impact Site" article for more canonical information.

The Impact Site is the first area in the original Pikmin game. It also appears in the following fan games.

Pikmin: The Pollution[edit]

In Pikmin: The Pollution, this area is once again the starting area, where you find Red Pikmin and later Green Pikmin. The area appears to have been turned into a shrine for Pikmin to remember how Olimar helped them learn to attack predators.

Paper Pikmin[edit]

The Impact Site is featured in Paper Pikmin as the main area, and it branches off into the other worlds.

Pikmin: Adventure of 4[edit]

In Pikmin: Adventure of 4, The Impact Site is the first area you explore, as well as the tutorial for the game. Olimar's children first land here, and Sagittarius and Logan meet here. Red Pikmin are found here, but the siblings are unsure why they have returned. The terrain has not changed much, except that the stone wall has been replaced with a dirt wall and the watery area has dried up. The first boss of the game, the Flame Snagret, rests in the dried pond region. The only other enemies are some Male and Female Sheargrubs, and a Red Bulborb that appears after day 1.