The Impact Shrine

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The Impact Shrine is a area in Pikmin: Cliche.

A map of The Impact Shrine.

The Impact Shrine is The Impact Site from Pikmin, with several noticable changes:

  • There's a large amount of sticks, and broken sticks.
  • Several attempts at building a simple hut are littered around the area.
  • On the large stump next to where you land, there's sticks in a formation saying: "HELP PLZ"
  • There's also a sorted pile of sticks.
  • One of the stump slides is now made of dirt and has the entrance to Hole Of Idiots on it.
  • The other stump slide is missing.
  • The other large stump has grown larger and it now connects to a sandy area blocked off by a eletric gate.
  • Some walls are missing.





  • This area parodies the cliches of having a village made by Pikmin in The Impact Site, and having the Impact Site be the first area of the fangame.