Terraformer's Friend Series

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This article or section contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin Forever, which was created by Scruffy, a user on this wiki.
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The Terraformer's Series is a collection of metal objects in Pikmin Forever. These objects (except for the Saluted Sourpuss) are not salvaged for metal; instead they provide the Hocotate ship or KHA Lander with the material or inspiration for an upgrade to spacesuits, the Piktop, or general controls (these upgrades are called the Exploration Kit).


Name Real life item Location Metal Value Weight Max.
Defection Hoop Tungsten ring Emperor's Crown Unlocks Scorch Guard 20 40
Featherbrick Tin foil ball Ceramic Rift Unlocks Rush Suit 5 10
Fried Fraudster Small Teflon frying pan Scalding Thicket Unlocks Anti-Electrifier 20 40
Hypernova Force Spring bolt Arthropod Sanctum Unlocks Rocket Fist 20 40
Ignition Courier Remote car key Reticulate Garden Unlocks Scalding Thicket 6 12
Ironclad Comrade Robot toy Polished Flatland Unlocks Metal Suit Z 20 40
Nocturnal Noisemaker Alarm clock Surge Cave Unlocks Postponer 105 100
Saluted Sourpuss Hocotate ship Forbidding Precipice 2500 1000 100
Scan-singing Scrutator Garrett® metal detector wand Buried Bole Unlocks Metal Gauge 40 80
Tweet Compass Samba whistle Daybreak Glade Unlocks Dodge Whistle 20 40
Vocal Nova Blaster Microphone Acoustic Crevasse Unlocks Mega Tweeter 25 50
Vortical Portal Camera shutter Saturated Temple Unlocks Burst Lens 30 50
SOGNO SOGNO space rover Sunset Islet 10000 N/A N/A