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Template:Infobox Game

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Infobox Game
Rating {{{rating}}}
Genre {{{genre}}}
Platform(s) {{{platforms}}}
Media {{{media}}}
Publisher {{{publisher}}}
Prequel {{{prequel}}}
Sequel {{{sequel}}}
Creator {{{creator}}}


{{infobox Game                             *optional field
*|image=image title including extension
*|size=image size
|rating=ESRB rating
|genre=type of game
|platforms=what it plays on
|media=What the game is on   [Example: disc, cartridge]
|publisher=who distributes it
*|release dates=when it would release   [Example: North America   12/21/2012]
|prequel=the game preceding it
|sequel=the game succeeding it
|creator=who made the game
*|collaborators=who helped with the game