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Pikmin fangame engine

The Pikmin fangame engine is a real program made by Espyo that is capable of running Pikmin fangames. It is an open-source engine, currently in development, that can handle gameplay similar to the Pikmin games, in that it allows leaders to whistle and throw Pikmin, allows Pikmin to carry objects, etc. Given that it is an engine, it is not a game, but rather a platform on which games can run. In other words, fangame makers can add their own resources (like areas, graphics, enemy types, etc.) onto a folder, and the engine will read out the information and allow a player to play that game.

The reason for its creation was to make it possible for fans to make their own Pikmin fan content and to be able to play on it, by requiring only the resources from the content maker, while the engine itself handles all of the more complicated parts like the physics and artificial intelligence. It is currently under development, and alpha versions are available for download. The engine can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Although the engine itself is not meant to be a game, it comes with some example resources, like areas, Pikmin types, etc. that help showcase the engine's flexibility and test features during development.

DISCLAIMER: The Pikmin fangame engine and any fan content run within it are not affiliated with Nintendo® and should not be sold. They are non-profit projects created by fans of the Pikmin® franchise, and do not intend to infringe on the copyrights or registered trademarks of Nintendo®. Pikmin® is a trademark of Nintendo®. The copyrights of all associated characters, names, terms, art, music, and assets belong to Nintendo®.