Teal Pikmin

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Teal Pikmin
Resistance Water and Rain
Attack average
Mobility average
Throw average
Carrying capacity 1
Candypop Bud {{{candypop}}}

Teal Pikmin are the 5th- Last in Pikmin: Before the Impact depending when you decide to go get him after you discover Rock Pikmin because the area where they are discovered is blocked by a wall of Glass. They are discovered in Clampclam Shores behind a wall of glass, they are a dark greyish blue and have dark green leaves on their heads or a white bud or flower. like their Blue Pikmin decendants thet are immune to Water but can also survive Rain, an Enviromental Hazards. under the command of Robert they can move faster and attack stronger. They seem to have a docile personality and a wanabe when he's around Robert and Cerulean Pikmin.

Pikmin Overgrowth Timeline[edit]

Teal Pikmin are immune to being frozen. They have 0.8x the attack of a normal Pikmin, and they are relatively quick.

Teal Pikmin: Pikmin 5 Lost World[edit]

Teal Pikmin are sometimes called "Specail Pikmin". They have double antennes which make them have a higher throw point and it takes two captains to pluck it. If on ice (which captains can cross with Traction shoes) other pikmin will tend to slip and fall or turn to ice if a snow enemy attacks. Teal's are resistant to ice and coldness. Other pikmin will freeze up and slow down. You can heal them with the Spicy Necter Spray, if you don't they'll often die.