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Super Captain Adventure

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Super Captain Adventure is an unlockable mode in Pikmin: Before the Impact. To unlock it you need to beat Story Mode at least once. Super Captain Adventure is a harder, more complicated version of Story Mode.


In the original Story Mode you had to find all 201 artifacts with all new Pikmin with an unlimited amount of time so 4 video-game loving teenagers can make a few bucks. In Super Captain Adventure however the rules are diffrent, instead of goofing off in Pikmin land with unlimited amount of time you have 30 days to beat the game. Then if that wasn't bad enough you can only bring a selected number of Pikmin with you in each dungeon! But you also get to play as a fifth character Ethan Proscow the president of Hocotate Freight! Once you beat this mode you get to see the first few episodes of the anime!