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Subterranean Bladebug

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This Bladebug is like a normal Burrowing Bladebug except it is faster, braver, has more health and stronger.


This insect looks like a tan Praying Mantis with a yellow abdomen, with its family's signature circle-shaped marking.

How To Kill[edit]

Kill it like a normal Bladebug, but be careful of it shaking your pikmin off, for it has a 50% chance it can deflower them.


It can possibly deflower pikmin, and can jump in the air like an Emperor Bulblax and kill up to 2 pikmin at a time. This jump attack cna also hurt captains.

Olimar's Notes[edit]

Under close observation, this specimen of Bladebug seems to be the complete opposite of its relative. It seems to be a daredevil, rushing at the face of danger rather than fleeing. Out of all of the bladebugs, i'd say this amazes me the most.

Louie's Notes[edit]

Inedible. Cosumption may cause a short-term disability of your common sense and wanting to work overtime at your job.