Sticky Citadel

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Ultimate Doom
This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin: Ultimate Doom by Wraith.
Sticky Citadel
General location Jungle
Caves 1
Hazards Sticky, Fire, Electricity

Sticky Citadel is the first area on Duron in Pikmin: Ultimate Doom. The entire area is under a gigantic spiderweb that makes the area very dark and eerie. This area has many spider-like enemies that scale walls and also scale spiderwebs. It has a variety of Giant Spiderwebs that only Black Pikmin can scale. And also, Black Pikmin are found here via Shady Candypop Buds above ground.


Initial Visit[edit]

After nine glass pieces are found and the Player re-unites with Louie, the helmet constructs itself with the glass. Olimar, searching for a water source, finds that there is one, but it is currently inaccessible due to the jungle plateau area nearby. So he tasks himself to get 15 lumber piles, 10 iron deposits, and essential bracing materials found in the dungeon. Once that is completed, Olimar builds a stair-like walkway that enables the access of the plateau, and on to Chemical Lake.