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Name StefyG
Gender Male
Home planet Canada
Height "5'1"
Weight 120lbs.

StefyG is the Main Protaginist of Pikmin: Before the Impact for the WiiU. Rumors are going around that he is Olimar's ancestor but that is completely not true as he is Human not Hocotanian.


StefyG is the Main chracter in Pikmin: Before the Impact and is one of the playable 4 characters. He is 13, kind, talented and knows how to cook a mean and scrumcious sheargrub! He tends to play lots of video games actually his love for video games is the exact reason he was out in space in the first place. Though he has three best freinds with him on this adventure his closest freind is Nathaniel or "Nathan" for short, have been freinds since uhhhh... 7th grade! Not that StefyG dosen't like Robert or Brandon it's that they live so close that they visit each other frequently. With Pikmin however he thinks they are the coolest thing ever! The relationship between him and his Pikmin is comparable to his relation ship betwwen him and the other 3 captains; BEST FRIENDZ FOREVER! His notes are about cooking enemies but he also helps Brandon with his notes but they are mostly in Brandon's perspective.


At Level 1

Power: 2 Command:4 Stealth:2 Speed:1

Experience Points or xp at level 100= 100389600

Common Level Up Includes:

Power+ 2 Command+ 5 Stealth+2/3 Speed+ 1/2



Power Up: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp

Pluck Speed: D-80xp C-160xp B-240xp A-320xp A+-400xp

Throw Skill: D-50xp C-100xp B-200xp A-250xp A+-300xp


Shield: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp

Fire Resistance-300xp

Electricity Resistance-350xp

Poisin Resistance-350xp

Bio- Hazardious Waste Resistance-400xp

Geothermal Protection-400xp

Sub-Zero Protection-400xp


Speed: D-70xp C-140xp B-280xp A-350xp A+-400xp

Stealth: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp

Wind Resistance-350xp

Tar Resistance-350xp

Magma Resistance-500xp


Range: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp

Area: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-250xp A+-300xp