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Spring Clover

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Pikmin standing beside a Spring Clover.

A Spring Clover is a plant found in Pikmin Choronicles. They are lillypad-like plants with thick, fleshy stems that are curled like a spring. They serve the same purpose that as the small geysers from Pikmin 1. Anything that steps on them will be launched into the air, usually landing on a higher ledge or on the other side of an obstacle. They have been seen in every episode except for the Prologue. The first Spring Clover is used to get on a high ledge above the cave wall that the Emperor Bulblax busted though in Chapter one. At the end of the tunnel, you reach and outside area where Chapter 2 takes place. There are many more in chapter 2. One of them in Chapter 2 leads to a hidden area...

The Spring Clover idea was first created by Waffle_Flish on .