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Spray Weed

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Spray Weed is found in a number of overground areas in a couple fanon game, and resembles a patch of long grass. Its purpose for Captains is as a source of Sprays: they can extract pools of sprays from it seemingly by plucking out single leaves of grass. There is no need to walk away from the patch, as Captains will attempt to use it whenever players press the A button over it. Only five Captains can be pulling a patch of spray weed at a time.

In Fanon-Games[edit]

Nuvola warning.png This article or section relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds, which was created by PikFan23, a user on this wiki. Nuvola warning.png

This is twice as high as Nectar Weed, and the Captains can pluck it by pressing the A button (unless if you have the Pluckaphone, where you can instantly pluck all the strands of grass).