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A spray is a power-up in the Pikmin series. They are a liquid extracted from Burgeoning Spiderwort berries that can be sprayed on Pikmin or enemies with varying effects. Sprays can be created from 10 berries, or by finding a concentrated dose inside of a Nectar Egg or a couple types of enemies. They are first found in Pikmin 2, where the ultra-spicy and ultra-bitter spray can be made from red and purple berries. In Pikmin 3, only spicy spray exists. In fan games, the two of them and other types of sprays often exist.

Ultra-spicy spray[edit]

Copy of Copy of Pikmin 2 Spray Screen.jpg
Main article: Ultra-spicy spray

Obtained from the red berries. This spray is to be used on the Pikmin. When used, the Pikmin temporarily get enhanced strength and speed, and their leaves glow red. This is useful if they are losing a fight or need to hurry at the end of a day. However, if Pikmin sprayed with a spicy spray start to drown, they die much more quickly than normal (within 4 seconds). The spray normally wears off after 40 seconds.

Ultra-bitter spray[edit]

Pikmin 2 Spray Screen.jpg
Main article: Ultra-bitter spray

Obtained from the purple berries. This spray doesn't affect Pikmin (excluding 2-Player Mode), but is rather intended on enemies. When used, it will turn any enemies in the path of the spray into stone for approximately 9 seconds; this should be enough time anyway for the enemy to be killed or severely weakened. There is a disadvantage, however: the enemy will crumble when killed without leaving behind a carcass to give you more Pikmin, but will instead drop nectar or sprays.

Ultra-Sour Spray[edit]

Main article: Ultra-spicy spray

In Pikmin: Wrath of Mr. B, this yellow spray is obtained from yellow berries and when you spray it on an area enemies will be repelled from that spot for about 20 seconds, useful for making a "safe zone" in a large battle.