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This article or section contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin Forever, which was created by Scruffy, a user on this wiki.
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A fully expanded sponge bridge.

Sponge bridges are obstacles in Pikmin Forever. One sponge bridge is an immobile block of stone with a rounded bath sponge resting on top. Blue Pikmin who drink water can deposit water in a sponge bridge, causing it to expand. Once enough water is deposited in a sponge bridge, it will expand to a height that can make it a bridge across a gap. The sponge constantly loses water, so it will not remain expanded for long before needing more water. A sponge bridge can require anywhere from 20-60 water deposits; however, a water-spitting enemy such as a Watery Blowhog can instantly expand the sponge to full capacity if it is carefully lured over.