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Betta.jpg PAODS
This article and/or image relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Attack of DeathSpike, created by LoganPikmin.
LavaSpike Plains.png
General location Spikava
Caves TBA
Treasures None
Hazards Fire Geysers, Lava

Spikava is an area that was once known as Perplexing Pool. It now is hot, has spikes everywhere, and has lava. It is the first area that Olimar lands in.

Pikmin Found[edit]

Red Pikmin can be found here.

Enemies Found[edit]

Most of the natural wildlife here are fire-based or are resistant to fire and heat.


Some of the known hazards are as follows:

  • Fire Geysers: These spout fire from a hole in the ground and will set any Pikmin that don't have an immunity to it on fire. It will also hurt Captains who are not immune to fire.
  • Lava: This liquid will incinerate any Pikmin not immune to fire/lava, killing them almost instantaneous. Red Pikmin will act as if they are drowning, and they will after a few seconds, if not whistled. Captains with a fire immunity will get knocked back if they touch this searing liquid, otherwise they'll get knocked back and suffer an enormous amount of damage.