Snowy Bulborb

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This article and/or image relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Attack of DeathSpike, created by LoganPikmin.
Snowy Bulborb
Scientific Name {{{name}}}
Family [[Grub-dog family|Grub-dog]]
Areas Polar Cavern
Underground Areas Unknown Now
Carry Weight 15
Max. Carriers 30 Pikmin
Seed Worth 15 seeds
Attacks Eats Pikmin, Shed Snow

The snowy bulborb is a icey variant of the bulborb species and it is a cousin of the Hairy Bulborb.


It has the appearance of a regular bulborb except he has blue eyes. It has an extra layer of snow that is very compacted. He is all white except his eyes and black snout.

How It Attacks[edit]

It is able to eat up to 7 Pikmin at a time. It is able to shed its snowy cover which when the snow falls off, any Pikmin that are struck by the snow will freeze to death if not an ice-immune pikmin. It is very deadly when in groups of at least three.


Olimar "This species of grub-dog is a cousin of the well known Oculus Kageyami Russus or otherwise known as the Red Bulborb. This cold species loves to live in the frozen areas of PNF-404. It can shed its snow that it has on its back as an adaptation to either escape or when its warm. What is unigue about this creature is that it can just pile snow on its back and shed it at will. Well most of the time it is at its will. Other times it will be too warm and it will melt off in water and then when it is getting cold again it just puts it back on its self. It also has the added benefit of being an extra layer of protection. It is like a golden pik pik carrot's outer layer! A good strategy is to use a fire based elemental pikmin melt off the layer of hard packed snow. That will leave it vulnerable. Then just finish it off like any other red bulborb. The wildlife here is extraordinary! -- Olimar."