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This article or section contains info from the non-canon game Pikmin V, created by En Passant.
Pikmin V icon.png
Series Adventurer's Aid
Value TBD pokos
Weight 200
Maximum Carriers 100 Pikmin

The Sleepquaker is a treasure found in Pikmin V. It is a miniature suspension gong, and its collection grants the Pluckaphone upgrade.


Olimar's Notes[edit]

Pulling the lever on the side and releasing it causes the metal disc to release a deafeningly loud noise that vibrates my very being. Brittany complained about it, and she was in the S.S. Drake! I had better be careful not to hit it accidentally.

Sales Pitch[edit]

The ultimate in sleep-slaying technology! Set it up in the workplace to have an easy and effective reminder that truancy is not allowed.