Silver Lake

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Pikmin-peanut.gif Pikmin 4
This Article Contains information about a non-canon game, Pikmin 4 (Wii U), made by BallsAngus.
Silver Lake
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Treasures S.S Fuel Tank, Spiny Treat, Crystallized Horror, Clover of hope, Cupid's Grenade, Pocked Airhead
Hazards Ice, Water, Poison, Fire, Explosion

Silver Lake is the 2nd map in Pikmin 4 (Wii U). Alph's crash site is in this area. It is visited during the 2nd day of Pikmin 4. It is a snowy, winter type of area. It is usually always snowing there, occasionally turining into a blizzard. Enemies that live here have adapted to cold climates, such as the Hairy Bulborb. Its difficulty is Easy-Normal difficulty. You encounter two types of pikmin in this area, along with three caves.


Alph crash lands in this area during the second day during nighttime. He seeks shelter in a lunchbox, and sleeps there cold and hungry. He later wakes up in a cave, where he sees strange cyan colored pikmin looking at him. He sees that they need Alph's help to dig up the submerged onion. He helps them and increases the cyan pikmin population. Olimar lands in Silver lake, seeing Alph on the other side of a ravine. Olimar and Alph help each other to build a bridge. Then they see an underground cave opening, and they jump inside. The cave's name is frozen cave. After they complete it, they see a signal coming from a mysterious nest. Going inside, they encounter the first Pikmin 4 (Wii U) Boss: The Fireworm.



Silver Lake has some similarities from The Valley of Repose, The Distant Tundra, and the Mission Mode Silver Lake. Its song is a remix mashup of Valley of Repose and Distant Tundra. The map is nearly covered with snow and ice. Many of the enemies are adapted for cold climates. The Concept Art can be viewed here:


This section is still under constrution Sublevels are listed

Enemies: Snow Bulborb x4

Female Sheargrub x2

    • Sublevel 2 (Final Floor):

Enemies: Icy Blowhog x1

Hairy Bulborb x1

Snow Bulborb x3

Icy Blowhog x2

Water Dumple x3

Wollywog x1

Arctic Freeze Beetle x1

    • Sublevel 2:

Puffy Blowhog x2

Joustmite x3

Anode Beetle x4

    • Sublevel 3:

Hairy Bulborb x2

Doodlebug x4

Snow Bulborb x5

Bulbmin x2

Arachnode x1

Spotty Bulbear x1

Dwarf Bulbear x3

Puckering Binnow x4

    • Sublevel 4:

Peckish Aristocrab x1

Skeeterskate x3

Hairy Bulborb x1

Snow Bulborb x3

    • Sublevel 5 (Final Floor):

Frosty Bulblax -Cave Boss

Hairy Bulborb x2 Snow Bulborb x5 Doodlebug x4

    • Sublevel 2:

Hairy Bulborb x5 Snow Bulborb x10 Dappering Snitchbug x2 Decorated Cannon Beetle Larva x2

    • Sublevel 3:

Anode Beetle x5 Careening Drigibug x5 Bumbling Snitchbug x3 Swooping Snitchbug x3 Frost Dweevil x3


  • Ship Speaker
  • Sunseed Berry x7
  • Snow Parka
  • Gas Tank