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Scornet Maestro

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This article relates to the canonical games. See Pikipedia's "Scornet Maestro" article for more canonical information.
Pikmin 3
Scornet Maestro The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scornet Maestro.png
Scientific name Unknown
Family Scornet (unofficial)
Areas Twilight River
Carry Weight 10
Max. Carriers 20
Seed Worth 50
Attacks Orders Scornets to attack Pikmin

The Scornet Maestro resembles a queen bee of sorts since it can command a swarm of Scornets using its harp-like beak. This beak will even produce harp music when each attack is happening. The Scornet retinue is used to attack the leaders and their Pikmin. This boss relies entirely on its swarm to attack, possessing no offensive moves of its own besides shaking off Pikmin. If all the Maestro's Scornets are killed, it will use a period during which it would normally create an attack formation to summon more onto the field. It cannot be attacked while its swarm is surrounding it, requiring the leaders to aim their Pikmin at the boss after it exposes itself, after one of its coordinated attacks. Once defeated, the Scornet Maestro will drop any valuables it had ingested, and all 100 of the Scornets it commanded will instantly die and fall to the ground, able to be picked up.


The Scornet Maestro itself is harmless and has no direct way of damaging Pikmin. However, it commands the Scornets to attack for it with its harp-like mouth. All attacks by the Scornets have the same effect: the Pikmin caught in the attack will be held by the Scornets for a certain amount of time, and if not freed, will be killed.

  • The Scornet Maestro may order Scornets to get into a cone formation and will aim at the active leader.
  • The Scornet Maestro may order Scornets to get into lines, and each line will proceed to aim at the active leader.
  • The Scornet Maestro may order Scornets to form a circle around the active leader. Have a few Pikmin kill some Scornets to escape the circle.

If any Pikmin are captured, the Scornets will form a circle around the Maestro and will eat them after a few seconds. Throw Pikmin at the Scornets to save them.

In fanon-games

This is where users type in the fanon version of Scornet Maestro.

Pikmin Z

The Scornet Maestro only appears in the Painted Pines of the Fleeting Forest location, and is significantly weaker than it was in Pikmin 3. Its behavior remains overall the same but if Pikmin or leaders get too close to it, the Scornet Maestro can swipe at Pikmin with its arms, which can deal a bit of damage to the captain if hit. The way it commands the Scornets to attack are altered, and far less complicated:

  1. Scornets line up in a wave and fly straight forward towards their targets at medium speed.
  2. Scornets hover nearby their targets and dive from above.

The main food it's observed eating is the nectar its Scornets give to it. It doesn't actively hunt or react to other enemies, but it will end up sending its Scornets to attack other enemies if it gets attacked first and will try to drive them away. The most common enemy to see this happen is with the Puffy Blowhog: the main predator to a Scornet Maestro.

  • While the main predator to a Scornet Maestro is a Puffy Blowhog, Flytrap Chrysanthemums may sometimes eat a Scornet Maestro if it flies within range, although it normally eats regular Scornets.