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Scarlet Wollywog

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For a different Scarlet Wollywog, see Scarlet Wollywog (recolor).
This Article Contains information about the unreal game Pikmin 3: The Dweevil's Revenge made by WooferWoof1!
Scarlet Wollywog
Red wollywog.PNG
Scientific Name Amphicaris scarlete
Family Amphituber
Areas Wollywog World
Carry Weight 7
Max. Carriers 14 Pikmin
Seed Worth 3
Attacks Eats pikmin

It is a wollywog with a tongue. the tongue is used to eat pikmin but it can only eat one at a time and most of the time they just happily hop around ignoring pikmin. they seem to always have their tongue sticking out. there only found in Wollywog World