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Name Sagittarius
Gender Male
Home planet Hocotate
Height 1.9 cm (0.75 inches)
Weight ~1 unit

Sagittarius is the name of Olimars son, and also is a ship part in Pikmin 1. He is usually a green colored captain.

Pikmin the huge debt[edit]

Sagittarius is a playable character. Most of his creature notes involve something childlike and fun.

How to unlock him[edit]

It is easy to unlock him. All you have to do is go to Suma Dock on day 4 and talk to him. He says " Thanks for letting me come along dad! Im excited to find animals with you and Uncle Louie". And there you go he is then playable.

In the Story Serial[edit]

Sagittarius (actually spelled Saggitarius in the story serial) appeared in the story serial on the main page. He was portrayed as a young man who was kept anonymous for a while. He was revealed to be Olimar's son, instead of Olimar, who the pikmin where hoping would return. He assisted the Pikmin in their fight against The Intelligence.

In Pikmin: Adventurer of Fore[edit]

In Pikmin: Adventurer of Fore Sagittarius is one of two charters wanting to be captain of the 'crew', the other being Charlie's niece, Carly. Because he is a bit older in this game then he usually is, his design is a bit different. He doesn't have a hat and has short, messy brown hair. His space suit is an icy pale blue color as well, instead of the normal green. It's thought that because he let Carly be captain (him self being second in command) that he might have a crush on her.

In Pikmin: Return to the Distant Planet[edit]

In Pikmin: Return to the Distant Planet, Sagittarius is the protagonist and only playable charactor(Main Game). His ship, the Dolphin 2.0, is struck by a meteor and his ship shatters into 50 parts, showering the Pikmin Planet with his Ships parts.