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Name Robert
Gender Male
Home planet Canada
Height TBA
Weight TBA

Robert is one of the 4 main captains in Pikmin: Before the Impact. Girls have known to play mostly as Robert and use him the most to complete in-game missions simply becuase they fall for his amazing hair!


Robert is one of the 4 Main Characters in Pikmin: Before the Impact. He is 13 and freinds with the other 3 captains but will occasionaly fight with Nathaniel. He is 13 just like the rest of the crew but is younger than StefyG by 2 months. Though just becuase he is the youngest doesn't mean he's any weaker actualy he is the strongest of all 4! Though his amazing power and speed comes to a downfall in the stealth section. Bulborb are known to be his worst fear and often the Bulborbs fear him and the fact he won't let them get their beauty sleep. Robert is known to be agressive and a brute but of course the coolest guy on the ship he is the Knuckles for this game. He and Pikmin get along fine but he likes Pikmin becuase they can kill anything almost as good as he can and that their obedience to him is okay!


At Level 1:

Power:4 Comand:2 Stealth:1 Speed:3

Experience Points at Level 100: 100567340

Common Level Up Includes:

Power: +6 Command: +3/4 Stealth: +1/2 Speed: +3/4



Power Up: D-80xp C-160xp B-320xp A-640xp A+-1280xp

Pluck Speed: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp

Throw Skill: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-250xp


Shield: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp

Fire Resistance-300xp

Electricity Resistance-350xp

Poisin Resistance-350xp

Bio- Hazardious Waste Resistance-400xp

Geothermal Protection-400xp

Sub-Zero Protection-400xp


Speed: D-60xp C-120xp B-240xp A-480xp A+-900xp

Stealth: D-30xp C-60xp B-90xp A-180xp A+-360xp

Wind Rsistance-350xp

Tar Resistance-350xp

Magma Resistance-500xp


Range: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp

Area: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp