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Road of Bulborbs

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Betta.jpg One Pikmin
This article and/or image relates to the Non-Canon Game, One Pikmin, created by Piki1. DO NOT edit this article and/or image if you are not Piki1 or an admin.

The Road of Bulborbs is the third location visited in the game, One Pikmin. As the name says, it is filled with many Bulborbs. Crossing it leads to the Gestahlborb Outskirts.


The Road is a long and wide dirt path with the occasional stone beside or on it. It has green grass beside it with towering trees and mountains in the background. It also has part of the Great River running to the left. Many dens or holes are near or on the Road. Bulborb footprints are all over the Road.

Enemies Encountered[edit]