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Regal Snagret

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A two-headed snagret.


Pikmin Hybrids


Ancient Lava Pit


It has a head at both ends of its body. Most of its body is buried underground. One of the heads is larger than the other and has tufts of feathers that resemble a crown. It is turquoise in color and forms a u-shape.


It pops out of the ground with both its heads and attacks in front of and behind it. It occasionally lets out a disturbing cry-this causes white pikmin to scatter.


Stun its main head with purples, then feed its smaller head some white pikmin. It will faint and be totally vulnerable.

Olimar's Notes[edit]

"Regal Snagret

Snivopedes Corona

Snavian family

This creature cannot be snuck up on; it's secondary head keeps a close lookout, even when it is sleeping. It has developed a high frequency screech that frightens white pikmin. This is probably a natural defense mechanism that prevents it from being poisoned by the white pikmin while it is feasting on the other types."