Red Sheltate Seagrop

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This article or section contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin Forever, which was created by Scruffy, a user on this wiki.
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Red Sheltate Seagrop is a practical plant in Pikmin Forever. It functions as shelter during rain.


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The plant is only present when it is raining, so that its purpose is more easily understood.


A flowering plant with very large, flat, red leaves and stems that extend from the back of the leaves. These plants are entirely passive, and only their leaves are used for practical purposes.
A growing patch of Red Sheltate Seagrop.


Olimar's Notes
Red Sheltate Seagrop Groppoloba sheltata burrus Gropweed family The dazzling red-yellow venation of this variety of seagrop is a result of high levels of anthocyanin pigments masking chlorophyll underneath. These pigments are excellent antioxidants, helping prepare the leaves for dry, colder seasons. Primed for the tropical climes, the large flat leaves characteristic of seagrop are extremely absorbent, and often inadvertently provide shade and dry space for small burrowing animals who disturb or consume the plant’s system of roots. Thus it keeps most of its roots out of the reach of foragers, protracted in a complex system deep underground.

How to use[edit]

The tremendous leaves of a seagrop are large enough to shelter 100 Pikmin, particularly ignited Red Pikmin, from rain. A Pikmin or two can carry one leaf around, and they will keep up with the group and orient it so that all Pikmin are shaded. Placing the leaves over fire sources will allow them to dry and spout fire, and sticking the leaves above wooden walls will allow them to dry so that ignited Red Pikmin can bring them down.

Simply have one or two Pikmin pluck a leaf and carry it; the leaf is light enough that they will keep up with the group and orient the leaf to shelter all Pikmin in the group. The leaf becomes partially transparent when any Pikmin are obscured from view.


  • "Sheltate" is a portmanteau of "shelter" (temporary protection from bad weather or danger) and "peltate" (a tropical leaf known for its flat shield shape and extruded stem).
  • The seagrop is based off of the real-life seagrape, even using a similar genus name. Aged seagrape leaves can take on a red coloration. In the game, Red Sheltate Seagrop does sometimes produce small grapes, but they serve no purpose other than aesthetics.