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Red Bulbear

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Nuvola warning.png Pikmin: Adventures of Olimar
This is featured in Pikmin: Adventures of Olimar, a Non-Canon Game by MammaMia64.
Nuvola warning.png
Red Bulbear
Red Bulbear.jpg
Scientific Name Oculus terribilis russus
Family Grub-dog
Areas Wandering Woods, Massive Mound
Underground Areas Cavern of Cautions, Climax Cave
Attacks Eats Pikmin

A Spotty Bulbear that retains its basic appearence, but its skin is colored red like a Red Bulborb. Being nocturnal creatures, Red Bulbear can usually be found sleeping.

Killing Strategy[edit]

This beast usually is surrounded by Dwarf Red Bulbear, so before you go after the adult, it is wise to go after the dwarves first. Once you've eliminated the dwarves, head for the adult. Use the same strategy as you would with Red Bulborbs, but be aware about the Red Bulbear's extra health. As this species of Bulborb have larger mouths, keep Pikmin away from the front of the beast.

Olimar's Notes[edit]

Astonishingly, I have discovered the only known relative to the Spotty Bulbear! However, my find is not much different from the original species- but its appearence is strikingly similar to that of a Red Bulborb when viewed from behind. The only giveaway, though, is it's bright red spots as opposed to white. Unlike the Spotty Bulbear, this creature sleeps in the day and only seems to be active at night. Intriguing!

(This note was taken before the discovery of Green Bulbear, hence olimar referencing it as "the only known relative of the Spotty Bulbear.)

This enemy appears in Pikmin: Adventures of Olimar, a non-canon game by MammaMia64.

In other games[edit]


This enemy was originally supposed to appear in PikSpore, where it had a red back, black spots and a mouth lined with shark-like teeth. It would swiftly run after Pikmin and appear in Darkness Plateau had it not been cut.

Pikmin: Revenge of the Darkfreeze[edit]

This formidable foe is similar in behavior to a Green Bulbear, but will attack and attempt to kill Green Bulbears and their dwarf counterparts for the enemy's army. At the same time, Spotty Bulbears will run amok, completely oblivious to any Pikmin turning the tides. Once the battle is over, the winner roars, and any Spotty Bulbears nearby will rally their Dwarfs and fall in line. These Bulbears and Green Bulbears are evenly matched, so whoever has the bigger army or struck first is usually the winner. Also, Dwarf Red Bulbears will sometimes fight Spotty Bulbears for command over Dwarf Bulbears, but this is usually silenced by the head Bulbear really quickly. Red Bulbears also have a different appearance than in Adventures of Olimar, with a black abdomin and a red face and spots.