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Re-visitor's Cavern

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The Re-visitor's Cavern is a cave in Pikmin: Elements. It is the first one accessible, and is located in the Fond Forest. The Winged Pikmin Onion is found here, and has 3 sublevels.


Upon jumping down, the [[S.S. Dolphin detaches its research pod and follows Olimar into the cave, and says it detects a powerful Life-Form, and that Olimar should be cautious. After that, the Red Onion follows them into the cave, and Olimar takes note of this. On the second sublevel, they find a data chip on the other side of the lake, but the Red Pikmin can't take it back without drowning. They continue, and find the Pink Onion. Olimar raises some Winged Pikmin, and use them to fly over the water and get the data chip. They bring it back, and Olimar and the pikmin go to the next sublevel. They find a Giant Bulborb, and defeat it. They exit the cave, and the S.S. Dolphin says that with the chip, Olimar is able to access the Piklopedia.


Sublevel 1[edit]

The cave begins with a small circle, with a path leading forward. Ahead is a group of Dwarf Red Bulborbs. Upon defeating them, you learn how to change whether the Pikmin bring enemies to the Onion or the S.S. Dolphin for Pokos. To the left of the bulborbs is the Face Wrinkler. Ahead even more is a Dirt Wall. Past that to the left is a Bamboo gate (The S.S. Dolphin says that they should come back with a new type of Pikmin) with the Vehicle Roller (A wheel) behind it. Ahead of that are some nectar eggs, Red Pellets, and the hole going deeper.

Sublevel 2[edit]

The first part of the sublevel is a simple maze, with dirt walls, Red Pellets, and nectar eggs. In there is also the Disguised Delicacy (Not in halves) and the Autopilot system. Past the maze is a lake with a Data-Chip across it, and some Dwarf Red Bulborbs, going further past a White Bramble wall (Stronger version of Dirt Wall) is the Pink onion, Dwarf Red Bulborbs, (And a Red Bulborb) and some pellets. The hole is also in that room.

Sublevel 3[edit]

Located in this hole is a circle for the Research pod, and a path leading to a arena with the Giant Bulborb in it. Before it is some Nectar eggs and Red and Pink Pellets.


Nectar Egg

Dwarf Red Bulborb

Red Pellet

Red Bulborb

Giant Bulborb


Data Chip

Face Wrinkler

Disguised Delicacy

Autopilot System

Vehicle Roller