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Ranging Bloyster

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Ranging Bloyster
Scientific Name Molluschid predatoria
Family Mollusking
Areas None
Underground Areas Shower Room, Hole of Heroes
Carry Weight 3
Max. Carriers 6 Pikmin
Value 15 Pokos
Attacks Eats Pikmin

The Ranging Bloyster resembles a large Toady Bloyster, and is possibly named for its longer mouthparts or increased travel range. These creatures have an affinity for shiny objects and will track your active pilot's light beacon, making them impossible to approach unnoticed from behind.

This creature is found only on the last sublevel (7) of the Shower Room, Sublevel 7 of the Hole of Heroes along with four Cannon Beetle Larvae, and the last sublevel (2) of the Giant's Bath in Challenge Mode. If you and a skilled friend are doing a 2-Player Challenge mode, you can kill the bloyster in a matter of seconds without losing a single Pikmin extremely easily.

This is sort of a glitch, but the Ranging Bloyster can in some way, still "live" after you kill it. If you kill a Ranging Bloyster while its antenna is still glowing, and if you're lucky for whatever reason, the tail left behind by the Bloyster will still glow and beep, however, it will only glow if you take it in the ship. When it is put in, there will be a strange light that appeared on the ship. It is more explanatory if the player has seen it himself/herself. Of course, if this happens, your game is not faulty, nor will this help you in any way.


Olimar's Notes[edit]

This species of mollusk has shed its shell through the process of evolution. What appears as a flower-shaped protrusion on its back actually functions as its gills. The ranging bloyster ensnares small animals with its sticky tentacles, reels them in, and consumes them. Observers have noted that this creature exhibits a keen interest in flashing objects. It often tries to capture and ingest these objects. Researchers and explorers equipped with flashing indentification beacons should be wary when in close proximity to this dangerous predator.

Louie's Notes[edit]

The gills are best prepared deep-fried in an herb and bread-crumb batter. Also tasty poached and drenched with fine soy sauce.

In fanon-games[edit]

This is where users type in the fanon version of Ranging Bloyster.


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This Article or Image Relates to the Non-Canon Game,Pikmin:Redemption, created by Sir Pikmin.
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These creatures are seen a lot more than in Pikmin 2 and sometimes come in pairs. Luckily these are easier than those in Pikmin 2.

Pikmin:The After Years[edit]

Zero Two Avatar.gif The After Years
This Article Contains information about a non-canon game, Pikmin:The After Years, made by Gamefreak75.
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In Pikmin:The After Years, these enemies' gill-like organ will yield 30 seeds and sometimes drop a 20 pellet.


Nuvola warning.png PikSpore
This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game PikSpore, which was created by Neini, a user on this Wiki.
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It is the boss of Concealed Aquatica, and it is later fought in Spectral Garden and Ultimate Arena.

Ship's Log[edit]

All that is left of this slimy carnivorous slug is a flower-like breathing apparatus. I can live with that, I guess...