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Nuvola warning.png PikSpore
This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game PikSpore, which was created by Neini, a user on this Wiki.
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Nuvola warning.png This article or section relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds, which was created by PikFan23, a user on this wiki. Nuvola warning.png
Scientific Name Aspergilla blaza
Family Sporovid
Underground Areas Scorch Cavern, Magma Mantle, Challenger's Cavern, Magmatic Cavern
Carry Weight N/A
Attacks Burns Pikmin

The Puffire is the boss of the Scorch Cavern in Pikspore. It resembles the Puffstool, but has a dark red cap and a black body with orange-to-yellow feet. It is twice as large as the Puffstool and also runs from your Pikmin, but when it walks, it leaves a trail of blazing hot fire. It cannot transform Pikmin, but instead of generating spores, it shoots multiple fireballs in all directions while spinning around. Red Pikmin are recommended for the fight.

When killed, it melts into a pile of ash and red goop, leaving behind whatever it was carrying.

A Puffire is also fought at the end of Magma Mantle, where its arena has a lava moat around it. It also gets a new attack, it can jump up and smash into the ground, causing cracks to appear in the ground. These cracks last for ten seconds and spew flame jets every once in a while. It can also summon Folaggs to shoot at your Pikmin. Two of them are later fought at once, as a mid-boss in Challenger's Cavern.

In Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds, the Puffire is again battled as the boss of the Magmatic Cavern. It will use its two regular attacks, but it has a new attack: it can shoot out tiny bomb-rocks at your Pikmin. These will explode upon contact with the ground, so to prevent Pikmin losses you need to move out of the way. It will get quicker as its health further depletes, making it harder to hit. As a last resort when its health is very low, it can summon five Puffstools into battle to distract you. Just try to stay away from them and continue attacking the Puffire. It will die like a normal Puffstool does, unlike in Pikspore, and its carcass is worth 15 Pokos. When it dies, it will drop the Magma Air Conditioner. Later on in the game, whenever it is encountered, it is treated as a mini-boss.