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Pond Skater

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The Pond Skater is a airborne species of Skitterling believed to be the ancestor of the commonly known Skitter Leafs. It never appears in any Pikmin game, but is mentioned within Pikmin 2.

In Fanon-games

Pikmin Z

Pond Skater
Scientific name Unknown
Family Skitterling
Carry Weight 1
Max. Carriers 1
Seed Worth 1
Poko Value Poko × 1
Attacks N/A

The Pond Skater makes an official appearance in Pikmin Z, as an aerial, semi-aquatic insect-like species commonly found near water.

  • Diet: ???
  • Predators: small to medium predators

The Pond Skater behaves similar to many Skitterlings, as it will flee at sight of any danger. If found on land it will fly away. If found in water, it will skate across the surface for a bit before flying off out of reach. One well-aimed Pikmin can easily kill one, though little is rewarded for doing so.