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Pikmin Wars

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Fierybulbax.jpg Pikmin Wars
This article contains information about a non-canon game, Pikmin Wars, made by the group, BGames Inc..
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Pikmin Wars is a game developed by BGames Inc. (BallsAngus, BallKing025, AwesomePeeps204, and PikLeader10). Its format is different than most Pikmin games. Its format is similar to "Civilization" and "Clash of Clans". The objective is to build a powerful pikmin army and conquer PNF-404.


Although there is no plot, the pikmin have developed higher intelligence, which surprises Olimar. Then he decides to use the pikmin as military units.

Pikmin Types[edit]

  • Red Pikmin

Upgrades: Red Pikmin -> Knight Pikmin -> Chariot Pikmin

  • Yellow Pikmin

Upgrades: Yellow Pikmin -> Engineer -> Cyborg Pikmin

  • Blue Pikmin

Upgrades: Blue Pikmin -> Scuba Trooper -> Naval Submarine

  • Purple Pikmin

Upgrades: Purple Pikmin -> Barbarian -> Juggernaut

  • White Pikmin

Upgrades: White Pikmin -> Scout -> Poison Trooper

  • Rock Pikmin

Upgrades: Rock Pikmin -> Bomb Rock Pikmin -> Nuclear Pikmin

  • Winged Pikmin

Upgrades: Winged Pikmin -> Archer -> Air Striker

Winged Pikmin -> Bee Pikmin

  • Cyan Pikmin

Upgrades: Cyan Pikmin -> Snowballer -> Freeze Trooper

  • Black Pikmin

Upgrades: Black Pikmin -> Ninja -> Saboteur

  • Maroon Pikmin

Upgrades: Maroon Pikmin -> Cooler -> ???

  • Brown Pikmin

Upgrades: Brown Pikmin -> Clawed Pikmin -> Spike Baller

  • Shadow Pikmin

Upgrades: Shadow Pikmin -> Darkseid Pikmin -> Assassin

  • Iron Pikmin

Upgrades: Iron Pikmin -> Miner -> Blacksmith

  • Yarn Pikmin

Upgrades: Yarn Pikmin -> Shear Pikmin -> Slicer

  • Bee

Upgrades: None (Wing Upgrade)

  • Orange

Upgrades: Orange -> Cannon Trooper -> Tanker

  • Green

Upgrades: Green -> Acid Gunner -> Gatling Acid Gunner

  • Rainbow

Upgrade: Rainbow -> General -> Supreme Overlord