Pikmin 4 (My version)

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Pikmin 4 is an upcoming fanmade video game with new pikmin and new game strategies

Pikmin 4 (My version)
Genre strategy combat
Platform(s) Wii U
Publisher Pikmin Fanon
Creator EndcastWELDS


After Captain Alph, Brittany, Charlie and the hocotate captains olimar and louie escape the Formidable Oak the koppaite captains get introduce to the president of hocotate freight.

The president decide to start a contest on the two group of captains. The koppaites and the Hocotates have to collect as many treasure as they can to recover the dept. Whatever team (Hocotate or Koppaite) collects the most treasure wins. As well the winner will be the vice president and will help hocotate be a better place by recovering the dept

unfortunately the president is to busy to collect treasure with them on the hocotate team as well he is not the person involved to win in the contest. So he hires a new captain on the hocotate team named Deleton. Deleton has a evil secret and likes cheating in games and is always slaking off on the job. He is always bullying people telling them that he is better then theme.

Already wen olimar first greet himself to deleton he starts having negative opinions about him due to him hearing that deleton has stole his S.S Dolphin somehow. before he could ask the president he was gone and as well wen louie and deleton go inside the rocket deleton starts claiming how dirty and old his place looks inside making olimar feel embarrassed.

Although things go wrong wen they first start wen they land on the planet. deleton first starts working and leaves and lies to them that he needs to go to the bathroom and then secretly tricks them into getting lost on PNF-404 the two teams are separated and go on a mysteries new adventure and start's discovering new pikmin and new treasure and at the end they find deleton again as the final boss of pikmin 4!.


Old Pikmin[edit]

These are type of pikmin that are old and already known in other games such as pikmin 1 2 & 3. these are Also know as canon pikmin.

New Pikmin[edit]

These are type of pikmin that are new and have new Resistant powers to new game strategies.

  • Orange Pikmin
  • Green Pikmin
  • Cyan Pikmin
  • Black Pikmin
  • Brown Pikmin