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Pikmin 4: The World to Free

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Pikmin 4: The World to Free by New Pikminjp

Captain Pikmin

Main Menu[edit]

This series I have thought of for quite some time and it's about the wonders of the tections and PNF-404.


The story begins when a new race is developed called the Tections. They find a new planet they call Tectionia. The race then settled on this planet and created a civilization. After 300 years, something goes terribly wrong.



Job: Planetologist

Hobbies: Studying culture, Researching creatures

Race: Tection


Jobs: Psychologist

Hobbies: Exploring new lands, Looking pretty

Race: Tection




Jobs: King, Planetologist

Hobbies: Taking power, Creating robots

Race: Tection

Queen Octifang: Red Holy Ball guardian

Neon Jellyfloat: Blue Holy Ball guardian

Toxic Paraworm: Purple Holy Ball guardian

Samurai Wollywog: Pink Holy Ball guardian

Balden Snagret: White Holy Ball guardian

Plasm Wraith: "Special guest" in the mission Wraith's Revenge



Red pikmin: Immune to fire, Attack power is 1.5 higher than average

Blue pikmin: Immune to water

Yellow pikmin: Immune to electricity, Can be thrown higher than average

Pink pikmin: Can fly, returned strength to average

New pikmin[edit]

Green pikmin: 2 times stronger than average, Can build bridges and break gates faster others

Titan pikmin: Weakest pikmin, can home in on enemies, detect ninja enemies, and can fit into mystic stones

Captain Pikmin: Leader of pikmin, non-usable

Minigame exclusive pikmin[edit]

Purples: Lose abilty to stun, 3 times stronger, Picks up objects 10 times better than average, slowest

Whites: fastest, attack 1.5 faster,

Rocks: Exclusive to rock toss mini game

Other things[edit]

To see enemies and locations, go here.


Big news some final info revealed GOT ALL THE PICTURES DONE Wooh!

The game is finally about 60% done yes! Please check it out.

Also please help me on war levels

Go here [[1]] for more info