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Pikmin 2.5/Caves

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This article relates to the Non-Canon Game, Pikmin 2.5, created and edited by Drigibug313.
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This is a walkthrough of sorts for all the caves in Pikmin 2.5, listing the caves in the order you are recommended to go through them. Since the game is largely nonlinear after the 3rd cave or so, this is just a recommended way to go through them. This page will also list the boss encounters for each cave.

Cave #1: Forgotten Hole[edit]

Boss Encounter: None[edit]

  • 4 Treasures
  • No Hazards

This is the first cave in the game, located in the Dry Seabed. This cave contains the Spherical Atlas, which is necessary in order to unlock Waterfall Lake. It also houses the first instance of Violet Candypop Buds in the game, allowing the player to sprout Purple Pikmin.

Cave #2: Hungry Cave[edit]

Boss Encounter: Giant Breadbug[edit]

  • 8 Treasures
  • Hazards: Fire

This cave is the first explored in Waterfall Lake, and has the introduction of three different types of Breadbugs. True to its name, every treasure in the cave, except the Prototype Detector, is some kind of consumable. This cave also introduces fire as an environmental hazard, and it contains a few more Violet Candypop Buds in order to build up your Purple Pikmin numbers.