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PikminFanon:Warning Policy

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Pikilogo.png This page contains information relating one of Pikmin Fanon's policies. Pikilogo.png

The Warning Policy regards the use of the Reminder, Warning, and Lastwarn templates.

  • Reminder
    • All users can enforce this, as long as it is reasonable. It is used when a user makes a mistake, i.e. not entering coding correctly.
  • Warning
    • Administrators and bureaucrats can enforce this. It is used for a more serious issue, whether intentional or not, i.e. entering false information into articles or revealing personal information of another user.
  • Lastwarn
    • Administrators and bureaucrats can enforce this. It is used as the last warning, and can only be used once. After this, the user that has repeatedly broke the rules can be blocked.

Note: If you feel you have wrongly been given one of these templates, please contact an admin or bureaucrat to sort things out. The templates are also not to be removed from your talk page.