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Pikmin: Ultimate Doom

Editing Rights

  • Peanut64 (The Head of the project, can edit always)
  • Sir Pikmin (Can edit)
  • Portal-Kombat (Can edit)
  • Volatile Dweevil (Edits his jobs)
  • Others (Never Unless Specified)

Admin Jobs

Only those on the PUD staff may apply.

View this Template.
Jobs/To-Do List

If you want to apply for a job, put your username next to the job chosen.

Main Article

  • Story-Peanut64
  • Controls and Options-Sir Pikmin
  • Menu-Sir Pikmin
  • Gameplay-Peanut64
  • Pikmin Variants-Note: Uses every Pikmin from the Buildup Trilogy.-

Enemy Articles

  • Enemy Article content-(Multiple people can sign for this) Peanut64, Sir Pikmin
  • Enemy Images-Volatile Dweevil
  • Bosses-Peanut64


  • Area Article Content-Peanut64
  • Area Images-
Area Maps-Peanut64
  • Boss Arenas-Peanut64
  • Area Music-Peanut64
  • Caves-Portal-Kombat
  • Dungeons-Portal-Kombat
  • Caves/Dungeons Images-


  • Pikmin: Ultimate Doom Main Story-Peanut64
Ties to Pikmin: Sinister Incinerator-Portal-Kombat
Ties to Pikmin:Redemption-Sir Pikmin
Ties to Pikmin: Global Breakdown-Peanut64
  • Boss Story-Peanut64