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The Burrowing Snagret in Pikmin.

The Burrowing Snagret is a boss in the Pikmin series, of the Snavian family. It is a half-serpent, half-bird hybrid with a white flecked head and blue scaly torso. Burrowing Snagrets remain underground for the majority of the time, surfacing only when approached by Pikmin or a leader. When above ground, they attempt to eat Pikmin one by one until sufficiently damaged, at which point they burrow back underground. Occasionally they get stuck trying to emerge, allowing Pikmin a window of time to attack.

Pikmin:The After Years[edit]

Zero Two Avatar.gif The After Years
This Article Contains information about a non-canon game, Pikmin:The After Years, made by Gamefreak75.
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Pikmin TCG[edit]

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Leaf Card Symbol.gif

Pikmin TCG
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Pikmin: New World[edit]

Pikmin Kart[edit]

Betta.jpg Pikmin Kart
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Pikmin:Wrath of Mr. B[edit]

Scientific Name Shiropedes Anacondii
Family Snavian
Areas The Rousing Grove, Quiet Vale, Land's End
Underground Areas To be added...
Carry Weight 5
Max. Carriers 10 Pikmin
Seed Worth 15
Attacks Eats Pikmin

Pikmin: The Bulblaxian War[edit]

Generalbulben1.png The Bulblaxian War
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Pikmin 4[edit]

Pikmin-peanut.gif Pikmin 4
This Article Contains information about a non-canon game, Pikmin 4 (Wii U), made by BallsAngus.

Pikmin Forever[edit]

KHA Logo.png Pikmin Forever
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In Starmin and Starmin 2, the Space Snagret, a cousin of the Burrowing Snagret may show up in some areas, such as near the end of Frozen Forest. One must shut down the hard-light wall, opening up the way to The Blazing Plains.