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Pikilogo.png This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's Community. Pikilogo.png

Every Policy on Pikmin Fanon is to be followed as rules. Discussion on Policies' content should be held on the respective policy talk pages. Any administrator or bureaucrat can create new policies at any time.

List of Active Policies

  1. The Code of Conduct, the rules to how every user should act.
  2. The Coverage Policy, a guideline to what Pikmin Fanon's content should be.
  3. The Privacy Policy, the amount of personal information that can be on Pikmin Fanon.
  4. The Signature Policy, the rules of signature usage.
  5. The Warning Policy, the rules for using rules templates.
  6. The Deletion Policy, the rules of deletion.
  7. The Article Policy, the rules for making articles.
  8. The Area Article Policy, the rules for making area articles.