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PikminFanon:Pikmin Records

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Hey there everyone! This be Alpo499. This page is a page where we will all post our Pikmin 1 and 2 records. It is a page for fun and to see how other people on Pikmin Fanon play their Pikmin games! Anyone can edit. If you have a brand-new record, fresh out of the oven, you can come to this page, edit in your new record, and there ya go! When giving me the records for the first time, please be honest. And without further ado, on with the record...ness?

Name Friend Template Signature Pikmin 1 Day Record Pikmin 1 Survivor Record Pikmin 1 Death Record Pikmin 2 Day Record Pikmin 2 Born Record Pikmin 2 Death Record
[[1]] If you click on this button, you are as awesome as Alpo499!!
If you are awesome, you must be a clone of Alpo499! 11 Days 727 Pikmin 40 Pikmin Debt - 8 Days; All Treasures - 32 Days Debt - 345 Pikmin; All Treasures - 1014 Pikmin Debt - 0 Pikmin; All Treasures - 278 Pikmin
Louie.jpg LOL now means "Love our Louie!" UglydollPikmin!!
~Louie.jpgUglydollPikmin (Hi!) Currently Playing Through Currently Playing Through Currently Playing Through Currently Playing Through Currently Playing Through Currently Playing Through
Genesect.gif This user is a friend of Lazer!
~Genesect.gif Lazer 23 Days 845 Pikmin 250 Pikmin Never Played Never Played Never Played
Man-at-legs.jpg This user is awesome, just like Blueflower999!

Blueflower999 16:17, 26 September 2011 (EDT) 20 Days 401 Pikmin 656 Pikmin Status Unknown Status Unknown Status Unknown