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Pikmin: Return to the Distant Planet

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This page has something to do with Pikmin: Return to the Distant Planet, a game made by Neocraftz1553.

Pikmin: Return to the Distant Planet is a game by Neocraftz1553 in which Olimar's son, Sagittarius, is on a vacation in space flying in his ship: the S.S. Dolphin 2.0. In a strange twist, history repeats itself and his ship is struck by a meteor, shattering his ship into 50 parts and sending them hurtling to the Distant Planet.


Olimar's Son, Sagittarius, is seen sailing through space. Suddenly a meteor strikes him out of outer space, sending him and his shattered ship hurtling towards the Distant Planet.

After the intro, a short cutscene plays (much like in Pikmin, but with the background tinted green) where Sagittarius states his name and where he is from. He then states that unfortunately for him, his Dolphin 2.0, a gift from his father, has shattered into 50 pieces. What's worse, his computer says the planet's oxygen levels are dangerously high, and that his life support systems can only function for 50 days before they cease to function. The player is then allowed to look around.

Gameplay and Mechanics[edit]

Pikmin: Return to the Distant Planet introduces and brings back many mechanics from the past three games including:

  • Using sprays
  • Bomb rocks
  • Hazards
  • Weather hazards

...and much more!


Days are much like they were in the other 3 games, but the sun will move realistically along with the timer, casting shadows and such as the day progresses. There will also be a random weather hazard present in a day (see percentage below). The hazards are as follows:

  • Sunny: Normal day.
  • Cloudy: Darker day. Will also increase percentage of rainy the next day in the same area by 20%.
  • Heatwave: The area's temperature will be 25°F hotter and most water sources (puddles, lakes, etc.) will evaporate.
  • Flash freeze: The area's temperature will be 20°F colder and all water sources will freeze.
  • Rainy: It will rain, making most water sources overflow and one area completely flooded, save for the landing site. It will decrease the next day's chance of rainy/lightning by 30% in the same area.
  • Lightning: Rainy, so most water sources will overflow. Lightning will also strike randomly around the area.
  • Twister: The area cannot be explored. Will look like a hurricane on the area selection map.

Gameplay stays much the same and is like the other three games, but is mostly like the first game in that you collect ship parts to repair your damaged ship. The only difference is that there are two maps, with 5 areas in the first and 4 areas in the second.

Multiplayer Pikmin: Return to the Distant Planet can be played in multiplayer, but only in Challenge mode and the Sprout Challenge mode, after they have been unlocked. The main game can only be played in multiplayer after it is completed at least once.


-Controls needed-


Currently, this game has not been rated due to it not being complete yet...


First map[edit]

The Crash Site

Very much like The Impact Site in Pikmin, but it has some new features such as two Pearly Clamclamps instead of three on the beach like area.

  • Sunny: 50%
  • Cloudy: 25%
  • Rainy: 15%
  • Lightning: 5%
The Bush Forest

A remake of The Forest of Hope in Pikmin, and has a variety of plant life as well as enemies to fight.

  • Sunny: 25%
  • Cloudy: 25%
  • Rainy: 20%
  • Lightning: 20%
  • Twister: 10%
The Forested Cave

Another remake, this time of The Forest Navel in Pikmin.

  • Shady: 50% (A little darker than sunny)
  • Cloudy: 30%
  • Rainy: 20%
Abandoned Oasis

A desert area with an oasis near the landing site. It has a large cave with acid puddles and fire geysers. It also has the pattern that was around the Smokey Progg's egg

  • Sunny: 30%
  • Heatwave: 25%
  • Cloudy: 5%
  • Rainy: 5%
  • Lightning: 5%
  • Twister: 30%
The Distant Mountain

This area is like The Final Trial in which it has all the hazards of the first map.

  • Sunny: 25%
  • Rainy: 25%
  • Heatwave: 25%
  • Twister: 25%

Second map[edit]

Stagnant Sea

This area is a huge water area with an island in the middle (the landing site) and a beach towards the north of the map.

Glacier Bay

An area with lots of ice. It has many variants of enemies that use ice-based attacks. Has a medium-sized pool of water towards the south of the map.

Magma Sea

An area that has lava everywhere, and you land on rock in the middle of the map.

Mount Fire

A volcanic area that has all the hazards of the game and has the final boss fight in a huge arena that is surrounded by lava.

Pikmin types[edit]