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Pikmin: Return to Planet Pikmin

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Pikmin: Return to Planet Pikmin (Pikmin 5: Planet Pikpik Challenge in Japan) is an adventure,RPG,and racing game (sorta). This game is for Wii and DS. This game is made by Orange Yoda

Playable Characters[edit]

If you choose Olimar's Son or President of Hocotate Freight, you can name your person


  • Captain Olimar
  • Olimar's Son
  • Captain Louie
  • President of Hocotate Freight


The pikmin are in order of how you find them

  • Red (can burn enemies)
  • Blue (can go into water)
  • Purple (heavier, hurts enemies more)
  • Yellow (can shock enemies and can carry bomb-rocks)
  • White (can poison them, and be shot further than other pikmin)
  • Invisible (can turn invisible, when it isn't, it is grey)
  • Brown (can dig, to attack it throws rocks at the enemies)


These areas require a certain Pikmin with you to be able to get there. All the areas from the other 2 real games are there too. You have to have 100 Pikmin to visit them (except for Impact Site)

  • Impact Site -Requirements:None
  • Forest of Happiness -Requirements: 30 Red Pikmin
  • The Water Forest -Requirements: 10 Blue Pikmin and 50 Red Pikmin
  • Sand Acid Beach -Requirements: 21 Blue Pikmin
  • Grape Grape Jungle -Requirements: Have 3 Purple Pikmin by Day 12
  • Bomb Rock Haven -Requirements: 15 Yellow Pikmin
  • Poison Pearls -Requirements: 10 Purple Pikmin, 85 Yellow Pikmin, 3 Blue Pikmin, and 2 Red Pikmin
  • Deep Toxic Space -Requirements: 14 of each pikmin