Pikmin: Purple\White version

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Pikmin: Purple\White Version
ESRB rating:
New Lands Inc.
Nintendo DS
Japanese Title:
Pikminde Chostrol\Savia Verrsionio

Pikmin: Purple\White Version is a Pokémon-like game, but it uses Pikmin characters instead.


There is no story, it is a free-for-all game.

Rating and Online[edit]

This game got an 8.0 from Game Ratings and an 8.5 from New Land Rating Inc.

Also, there is Wi-Fi, which lets people battle and trade. When you turn this on, it will show everyone in the area and you can talk to people using the Wi-Fi.


Control Pad: Walk. Hold B to run.

A Button: Talk to people\Read signs

B Button: Nothing

X Button: Open the menu

Y Button: Nothing

L Button: Nothing

R Button: Nothing

Differences Between Versions[edit]

The main difference between the two versions is that in Purple, you get Purple Pikmin, and in White, you get White Pikmin. Enemies also vary slightly between games.


Coming soon


  • There will be more versions if these versions get high ratings.