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Pikmin: Hybrids Full Story

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Nuvola warning.png Pikmin: Hybrids
This article or section relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Hybrids, which was created by Amphituber, a user on this Wiki.
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The full story of Pikmin: Hybrids.

The game features Olimar once again, but there has been a radical change to the Planet of the Pikmin- strange candypop buds have begun appearing everywhere! Olimar hears of the news from Louie, who has been assigned to collect treasure for Hocotate Freight from the Pikmin Planet. Olimar, despite his family's protests, sets out to investigate. When he reaches the planet, he learns that the Pikmin species is dwindling. Grateful for their help over the years, Olimar takes it upon himself to discover why the species is suffering and preserve the Pikmin!

When Olimar reaches the mysterious planet, he begins to immediately investigate the Mamuta Woods with the help of all five original Pikmin types. In the Mamuta Garden he finds an old food list.

Olimar decides to look for more clues in the Bulborb Manor; as he does, he discovers a dead Pikmin Onion in the Deeper Trunk!

Alarmed, he decides that the dangerous candypop buds he's been seeing are linked to the Pikmins' death and heads to the Iceberg Pond to find out more. At Iceberg Pond he travels into the Blue Depths. Once there, he finds an uprooted Vile Candypop Bud and begins experimenting on it.

As he does so, he goes to the Ancient Lava Pit in hopes that he might find something to stave off the Vile Candypop Buds. Unfortunately, all he finds is Hocotatian plant Louie had dropped. Despondent, Olimar travels to the last area he hasn't explored; Dark Poison Land.

He lands in the murky sludge and steps out of his ship to see one of the most terrifying sites in his life. It is a gargantuan Vile Candypop Bud, spreading filth and death. Olimar now realizes that this horrible behemoth is the source of all the Vile Candypop Buds. At first he has no idea how to tackle this threat, but then he discovers after frantic experimentation that the juices of the Golden Berries he has collected from various caves can kill Vile Candypop Buds. To get spray strong enough to destroy the Horrible Behemoth he revisits the areas he's already explored and gathers six more Golden Berries.

Conclusion-Only read this if you have looked through the fangame's areas and have decided you're ready.