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Pikmin: Global Breakdown/Achievements and Trophies

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Nuvola warning.png Pikmin: Global Breakdown
This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin: Global Breakdown, which was created by Peanut64, a user on this wiki.
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There is a fair amount of Achievements and Trophies in Pikmin: Global Breakdown, and you can browse them here.


Story Mode Achievements/Trophies

  • First Steps
You took your first step with a Red Pikmin at Perplexing Pool.
(5 G)
  • A Captain's Punch
As Olimar, you killed 5 enemies without Pikmin.
(10 G)
  • Jumpy
As Louie, you jumped 5 or more times.
(5 G)
  • Devious
You let 10 White Pikmin be eaten by enemies.
(10 G)
  • Extinguisher
You extinguished 10 Fires in any cave with any other Pikmin than Red.
(25 G)
  • Double Kill
You killed two enemies within four seconds.
(10 G)
  • Species Eradicator
You kill all enemies of one species in one area 10 times.
(40 G)
  • Return
You visit all of the past areas. (Perplexing Pool, The Forest of Hope, The Impact Site, and The Final Trial)
(40 G)
  • Afraid to Swim
You finish a day in The Sparkling Lake without touching the water.
(5 G)
  • Betrayal
You let your teammate die 10 times.
(10 G)
  • Pikmin Killer
You let 1,000 Pikmin die.
(10 G)
  • Pikmin Grower
You grow 1,000 Pikmin.
(10 G)
  • Monarch
You build 10 bases in one area.
(25 G)
  • Go Green
You kill 10 Breakdown Patches and save the Spotty Bulbear species from eradication by the Ravenous Bulbear at The Impact Site.
(40 G)
  • Red Pikmin
You find Red Pikmin at Perplexing Pool.
(5 G)
  • Yellow Pikmin
You find Yellow Pikmin at Perplexing Pool.
(5 G)
  • Perplexing Pool
You finish Perplexing Pool and find the next area.
(10 G)
  • Blue Pikmin
You find Blue Pikmin at The Forest of Hope.
(5 G)
  • Purple Pikmin
You find Purple Pikmin at The Forest of Hope.
(5 G)
  • The Forest of Hope
You finish The Forest of Hope and find the next area.
(10 G)
  • White Pikmin
You find White Pikmin at The Ultimate Trial
(5 G)
  • The Ultimate Trial
You finish The Ultimate Trial and find the next area.
(10 G)
  • Bomb-Rock Pikmin
You find Bomb-Rock Pikmin at The Woods of Faith.
(5 G)
  • The Woods of Faith
You finish The Woods of Faith and find the next area.
(10 G)
  • Ice Pikmin
You find Ice Pikmin at The Impact Site.
(5 G)
  • Bulbmin? What?
You find Bulbmin at The Impact Site.
(10 G)
  • The Impact Site
You finish The Impact Site and find the next area.
(10 G)
  • Bring on the Mushroom!
You discover both types of Mushroom Pikmin at The Sparkling Lake.
(10 G)
  • The Sparkling Lake
You finish The Sparkling Lake and find the next area.
(10 G)
  • The Final Trial
You finish The Final Trial.
(10 G)
  • Story Complete: Leaf
You finish story on Leaf difficulty.
(5 G)
  • Story Complete: Bud
You finish story on Bud difficulty.
(10 G)
  • Story Complete: Flower
You finish story on Flower difficulty.
(25 G)
  • Story Complete: Captain
You finish story on Captain difficulty.
(50 G)